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Jefferson Park Field House

Chung Yoon Park

Conductor and Music Director Emeritus

Chung Yoon Park retired in June, 2017 after 25 years as Conductor of the CCWSO, Program Director and music teacher with the Chicago Park District.

Chung Yoon Park Chung Yoon Park was affiliated for many years with the Korean Broadcasting System Symphony Orchestra, the KBS Chamber Orchestra, and Conductor with the Seoul National Opera Company. Among the maestro's credits are performances of Bach's Saint Matthew Passion, Haydn's Creation and the Berlioz Requiem in addition to joint Northeastern University, City Wide Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, and "do-it-yourself" Messiahs in both Chicago and Detroit. He conducted the Commemorative Concert for the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics and has performed orchestral programs in the Chicago area with the City Wide Symphony Orchestra and the Albany Park Symphony. Also a specialist in Korean classical music, he made his Chicago opera debut in 1983 in the five-act grand opera, Chun Hyang Jon, at the Civic Opera House. A former member of the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra, the conductor/cellist is Artist-in-Residence at KAES College and Founder & Director of the Chicago Conservatory for Youth. He studied in Europe, the Seoul National University and at Detroit's Wayne State University where he took a Master of Music degree. Mr. Park studied conducting in Europe and with Robert Culver (University of Michigan) and Marvin Ravin (University of Wisconsin). Chung Park became the conductor of the City Wide Symphony Orchestra in 1992 where he continues to bring his unique blend of patience, mentoring, inspiration, and passion to the orchestra.


WHEREAS, City Wide Symphony Orchestra, under the leadership of Chung Yoon Park, celebrates its 68th season this year; and

WHEREAS, this esteemed body has been informed of this milestone by the Honorable John Arena, Alderman of the 45'" Ward; and

WHEREAS, under the leadership of Chung Yoon Park since 1992, Maestro Park has brought his musical brilliance and commitment to mentorship to City Wide Symphony Orchestra, lending his global experience with the Korean Broadcasting System Symphony, KBS Chamber Orchestra, Seoul National Opera Company, and experience studying and conducting in Europe; and

WHEREAS, not just a leader in his capacity for music, but a mentor and friend to many of all ages who participate in the orchestra, Maestro Park's enthusiasm and commitment to music performance has inspired many future musicians; and

WHEREAS, committed to making musical performance and education accessible to many, City Wide Orchestra is open to all regardless of previous training, providing a diverse and all-inclusive range of musicians contributing to this accomplished orchestra; and

WHEREAS, the City Wide Orchestra, in its 68th year, has called the Jefferson Memorial Park Field House home since 1953, and has been invited to perform across the city, sharing the gifts of these talented musicians with music lovers around Chicago; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the Mayor and members of the City Council of the City of Chicago, gathered here this tenth day of December, 2014, do hereby congratulate City Wide Symphony Orchestra on its 68th season, and extend our wishes for continued success.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a suitable copy of this resolution be prepared and presented to City Wide Symphony Orchestra and Chung Yoon Park.

Link City of Chicago - 12/10/2014 - R2014-953

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