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Chicago City Wide Symphony Orchestra
Players Jefferson Park Field House
Second Floor Auditorium
4822 North Long Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60630

Jefferson Park Field House


The Chicago City Wide Symphony Orchestra relies on the support of the Chicago Park District for its rehearsal facilities, music library storage, concert venue and music director. The Chicago Park District is the largest and most extensive city park and recreation system in Illinois and offers a variety of music programs in many of its facilities. Please visit the Park Districts web site for more information.

Chicago Park District

An elected advisory Board of Directors who each serve a two-year term of office governs the Orchestra. Members of the orchestra voluntarily contribute modest annual dues to support the purchase of music for addition to its library and other costs of running and maintaining the orchestra.

The Chicago City Wide Symphony Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the contributions of its guest artists, composers, musicians, board members, and volunteers who support the art of symphony music, and the importance of an orchestra’s role in the community. For more information on supporting the orchestra, please contact us directly.

The Orchestra acknowledges Graphic Designer Justin Braun for his contribution to this web site.

Chicago Piano Service, Inc.

The City Wide Orchestra is indebted to Jeff Cappelli, President, Chicago Piano Service, Inc., for his generous in-kind donations and tireless efforts on behalf of the Orchestra.

Chicago Piano Service, Inc. provides piano tuning, voicing, regulation, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and appraisals.

Link Chicago Piano Service, Inc.

Chicago Piano Service, Inc. partners with Piano Renaissance, LLC for the complete restoration of pianos.

Link Piano Renaissance, LLC.

Piano Renaissance, LLC

Businesses play a key role in ensuring the health and vitality of the arts, and the orchestra extends a thank you to the following for their generosity in sponsoring our events.

Link Delightful Pastries
Jefferson Park Chicago - Store
5927 W. Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60630
Chicago French Market - Store & Café
131 N. Clinton Street
Chicago, IL 60661

Link Eli's Cheesecake
Eli’s Cheesecake Cafe at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport - United terminal 1
Bakery Café & Retail Store
6701 W. Forest Preserve Dr
Chicago, IL 60634

Link Gale Street Inn
4914 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, Il 60630

Link Jimmy John's
4021 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, Il 60641

Link Joe's Pizza
Joe's Pizza on Higgins
5747 W. Higgins
Chicago, IL 60630

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